Mike and Carrie have been friends for a long time. They knew they always wanted to start a business together. Something quirky, fun, nostalgic, and out of the ordinary. After years of soul searching, countless drinks at bars, and tons of research, they found what they were looking for… zombies!!

Zombies, the soft, buttery bread filled with gooey, cheesy goodness from their high school years. So they set to work. They traveled the country. They traveled the world. Finally, they met with the zen cafeteria ladies from high school who are the sensei of the zombie world. These ladies, who have lived for hundreds of years, were initially hesitant to take on apprentices. But eventually they let Mike and Carrie into their secret society. They watched. They worked. They practiced. They learned. And then worked some more. After years of honing their zombie-making skills, they are masters of the zombie craft.

Now they have returned to society, ready to take their skills to the streets. With Mike’s culinary skills and Carrie’s baking know-how, they have improved on the original cheese zombie with more flavor combinations than a wu-shu master! Their zombies have been seen locally, nationally, and worldwide! People have been seen eating zombies in Berkeley, Paris, Barcelona, and Madagascar! Friends have even shared a zombie over a drink in Walnut Creek, California! Amazing. More cities will come. More cities will follow. Soon all shall enjoy and love the goodness of the zombie!

Tasty Zombies has been born.